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  • Forever Fire SunJel 3.5x4 Gel Firespace Fuel
  • Forever Fire SunJel 3.5x4 Gel Firespace Fuel

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SunJel flaming gel fuel is used to introduce a warm accent to indoor and outdoor spaces.  Each single use, reseal-able container holds 13 ounces of fuel in a 16 ounce capacity metal canister. When ignited, the gel is engineered to produce a beautiful, golden flame that leaps more than 7 inches high.  You can expect a single can of SunJel to burn up to 3 hours.  Naturally, burn time is based on wind, weather and atmospheric conditions, but you can anticipate as much as 3 hours of warmth and ambience.  A “crackling” agent has been added to simulate the sound of burning wood.  Odorless, SunJel PURE for indoor use, is designed to burn clear of any obnoxious fumes and without the slightest trace of smoke and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor settings.  SunJel CITRO, for outdoor applications, comes infused with natural citronella oil for repelling annoying mosquitos.  SunJel has been used safely and economically used for over 20 years.  Naturally, appropriate caution should be taken any time fire and flammable liquids are present.  100% of our products are proudly made in America. One year manufacturer's warranty.


  • 3.5X4 inch high disposable metal canister.
  • Produces a golden flame 7 to 10 inches high.
  • Long lasting, up to 3 hours.
  • Affordable per use cost/outstanding value.
  • Preferred by design professionals.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Made in USA.




Forever Fire SunJel 3.5x4 Gel Firespace Fuel by NorthCape International

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